New In Forex Trading? See How To Start On The Right Foot

Forex trading is the biggest online business in which you can make profit by exchanging currencies. A whole lot of people take jump in trading business but seldom survive and make profit. Internet is filled with such stories where traders face big losses but don’t be afraid and lose hope due to this. Newbie traders often only have profit in mind and it’s not wrong as everyone does business to make profits but they should not forget about the loss as well. 

I will recommend new traders to start with full optimism but don’t forget to have a toolkit, and that will be your knowledge, education and knowhow of the forex market. If you solely rely on your strengths then you will not have to face loss. New traders must learn first and then trade with real money. Immaturity, fear, greed and lack of experience are the main reason why new traders face losses as they want to get rich in one night. Remember that Forex is money making business but money is not growing on tree here and you have to work to make profits.

Proper planning and strategy is required if you want to survive in Forex business even if you are a professional or just a beginner. If you want to make profit then don’t forget that loss is also part of the game and there is no denying in the fact that you cannot make 100% profit but your goal should be to make right decisions at the right time and try to decrease loss.
You can take help from Demo accounts (they are just a simulation of the market with virtual money) but the truth is that you cannot learn properly, feel the rush in your blood until you trade with real money and see the ups and downs of the forex market. You must know how much loss you can bear and don’t try to over go the limit.

If you are starting your trading career then it will be better to choose your forex broker carefully and after knowing all the details and history of the broker. It’s really important to find a reliable forex broker that should suit your trading style. Your priority should be to sharpen & expand your skills. Go for automated trading because machines make decisions without affecting by emotions. There are forex robots that can help you in this regard, but it’s also important that you just don’t blindly start following them. You should know when to take profit and leave the market. In this way stop loss is also crucial because it helps you to get out of the bloody situation and get minimalist loss. 

Technical as well as Fundamental analysis is really important if you want to make sure that you are on the profiting route. Take help from Forex Factory Calendar which brings all the necessary and timely info/news at your desktop and you don’t need to glue to glue to your monitors 24/7 to get all the information that’s mandatory. Newbie can use trailing stop method which moves after the price and when market reverses the position it automatically closed with a certain profit.
One thing you should always remember that every business is risky and if you just cannot get over this failure phobia then there is no way that you can survive anything in life. You need to boost up your confident which you can get with forex education, information; strategies etc and take a plunge in the forex trading. Believe me if you start with this right attitude then there will be no setback and you will be only making profits.

Kelebihan Chart NetDania

Chart NetDania ada kelebihannya bila dibandingkan dengan Chart MT4 dimana waktu nya sesuai dengan waktu pada komputer sehingga kita bisa mengetahui waktu trading yang tepat.
Kita bisa menambahkan  berbagai macam indicator pada Studies yang sebagian tidak ada pada MT4.
Kelebihan lain lebih mudah mengeser chart. dengan berbagai Time Frame lebih banyak dari pada MT4

Untuk menambahkan indicator klik pada bagian Studies

Misal anda tambahkan indicator Sochastic Momentum Index akan kelihatan seperti :

Indicator untuk trading forex

Untuk pemula kita bisa mencoba indicator Bollinger Band dan Candle stick dengan menggabungkan dua indikator ini sudah bisa membantu kita menentukan entry point pada trading forex.

Pada indicator Candlestick kita harus paham beberapa bentuk indicator yang menendakan terjadi pergerakan harga yang cukup significan seperti :
Bearish engulfing pattern
Bullish engulfing pattern
Dark Cloud Cover
Piercing Line

Setelah kita memahami bentuk indicator candlestick diatas kita kombinasikan dengan indicator bollinger band

Mengenali Indicator Candle Stick

Indicator candle stick merupakan indicator yang digunakan pada pedagang beras di jepang dan sudah terbukti cukup andal dalam memprediksi arah pergerakan harga. Untuk memudahkan memahami Candle stick anda bisa lihat pada gambar dibawah ini

Sebelah kiri CandleStick pada saat harga naik biasa digunakan warna putih atau hijau dimana kotak bagian bawah merupakan batas pembukaan harga sedangkan garis kotak bagian atas merupakan penutupan harga dan garis paling bawah merupakan harga terendah dan garis paling atas merupakan harga tertinggi. Sebelah kanan CandeleStick pada saat harga turun biasa digunakan warna hitam atau merah dimana garis kotak bagian atas merupakan pembukaan harga dan garis kotak bagian bawah penutupan harga dan garis bagian atas harga tertinggi dan garis bawah harga terendah.

Mengenal trading forex

Pada prinsip nya trading forex adalah memprediksi pergerakan harga mata uang apakah akan naik atau turun, kita Buy pada saat harga rendah dan kita Close pada saat harga tinggi biasa disebut Long Posistion atau sebalik nya kita Sell pada saat harga tinggi dan Close pada saat harga rendah biasa disebut Short Posistion Untuk langkah awal anda harus mendownload MT4 untuk memudahkan anda mengamati pergerakan harga Forex silahkan klik link dibawah ini untuk download MT4 dan install pada computer anda.