Simple indicator trading forex with Amazing Rainbow Indicator

This indicator will help you to find when the best time to enter the market because it is easy to identified price movement.
When the color of rainbow combining you have to wait because this this consolidation  the price on side way movement after the red color appear it is time to enter the market if going up open position Buy if the red color appear at the bottom open position Sell
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Magic Breakout Strategy Trading Forex

This strategy base on moving average and CCI indicator
Entry point:
Price entered the Wave.
Price was above the Wave and then crossed the Wave-top downward.
● CCI crossed +100 line upward; A POSSIBLE LONG ENTRY SIGNAL on the next
candlestick opening.
This is a good signal to go long on the next candlestick opening. But be careful...
● Check that the market is trending up now.
Check that the price is above the Wave-bottom as in the first rule.
● Buy now!

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Simple strategy trading forex

When and the price to enter market is the most problem for beginners on trading Forex because they always make a mistake if the open position Buy the price go down when the open position Sell the price go ups that make them confuse How to find the right decision on trading Forex.

But with this strategy no more confuse on trading forex you can set your trading system just 15 minutes a day and leave the chart let it work automatically.

Look pictures below you will know when to enter the market

This strategy Call Breakout Strategy because the price will breakout on certain price and we enter the market at this point no matter the price will go ups or down we can make a profit.

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Review Trade 360

Trade360 the world’s first ever CrowdTrading platform Based on the principle of ‘the wisdom of crowds’
The Traders have ability  monitor major market-moving events and the movements of large groups of Traders before opening their own positions so this strategy will help new traders to make decision when to buy or sell assets.

Trade 360 provide a wide range of assets including currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices and ETFs to trade.

When open standard accounts broker provides new Traders with a USD 50 Bonus upon phone verification, while with the practice account, Traders can earn bonuses of up USD 60 as they train. Trade360 allows you to start trading with a minimum deposit of just $100.

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How to trade on Trade360

1. Select asset such as : currencies,  commodities, ETF, and Indices

2. On the right side you can see Feed Crowdtrading  that show percentage people trading  open position Buy or Sell you can follow the higher percentage people trade on that asset.

3. Now we can trade on AUD/JPY because  91 % crowd open position Buy

4. Then set take profit and stop loss click set.

5. You can see your open position at the bottom

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CashBack Reward

Trade 360 have Cashback rewards program that provides traders with the chance to get money back on every single trade they make!

You can see below how this program work.

Indicator retracement trading forex

Dalam trading sering kita mendengar nasehat para professional traders follow the trend, bila trend naik ambil posisi Buy bila trend turun ambil posisi Sell.

Tapi dalam kenyataannya masih sering para pemula salah ambil posisi waktu ambil posisi Buy malah harga turun waktu ambil posisi Sell malah harga naik.

Tapi dengan indicator ini akan membantu anda untuk menentukan kapan ambil posisi

*Trend Naik.
Seperti gambar dibawah ini trend naik maka bila harga berada pada bagian bawah akan muncul panah untuk memberikan signal ambil posisi Buy dan dikonfirmasi dengan indicator bar warna aqua setelah bar unggu tanda harga akan terus naik.

*Trend Turun
Bila trend turun akan muncul panah warna merah untuk memberikan signal ambil posisi Sell dan dikonfirmasi oleh Amazing Retracement Indicator warna bar kuning setelah warna bar unggu tanda harga akan berlanjut turun.

Dapatkan Amazing Retracement Indicator Hanya 

$ 9,97

Anda bisa mendapatkan indicator ini dengan daftar trading forex dan melakukan deposit

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Signal Gratis Trading Forex dari Professional Traders

Bila anda masih sering mengalami loss trading forex kenapa tidak ikuti saja para professional trader.
Kita tidak perlu lagi pusing untuk menentukan entry di posisi berapa dan close pada harga berapa, kita bisa memilih sendiri trader mana yang kita anggap bagus reputasi nya bisa dilihat dari profit yang di hasilkannya dan berapa banyak follower nya Bila anda tertarik bisa mendaftar pada link dibawah ini.

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Indicator yang membantu menentukan entry dan exit

Menentukan entry point dan exit adalah hal yang sangat penting dalam trading forex indicator diatas walaupun sederhana tapi memberikan informasi yang lengkap tentang informasi yang dibutuhkan para trader seperti.
*Waktu entry setelah konsolidasi dimanan harga bergerak dalam range sempit pada indicator muncul titik yang berwarna unggu bila titik berobah ke warna hijau tanda harga mulai bergerak naik bila bar berwarna hijau.
Di konfirmasi lagi dengan garis trend yang berwarna biru dan harga bergerak keatas garis channel.

*Untuk close juga kita dapat informasi dimanan bar berobah ke warna biru tua tanda trend sudah melemah bila harga turun kebawah garis trend kita bisa close.

Anda bisa dapatkan indicator ini bila mendaftar pada link dibawah ini

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dan melakukan deposit $10
Konfirmasi  ID anda setelah mendaftar via email.

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Amazing Profit Trading Forex

Dengan indicator ini akan membantu kita menentukan entrypoint bila harga di atas Bar biru waktu nya ambil posisi Buy sebalik nya bila harga di bawah bar merah waktu  nya ambil posisi Sell.

Untuk konfirmasi bisa gunakan amazing indicator.

Indicator ini bisa digunakan dengan time frame yang berbeda